Welcome to my website! Here I showcase my portfolio of works as a freelance web designer. I want to start by thanking you for stopping by my little corner of the internet. My name is Allen, and I love creating and designing for all types of media including web design. I work with my clients to produce useful projects which help their business grow in the online community.

Why use a freelance designer?
One of the biggest reasons is to save cash flow. By hiring a freelance designer, instead of a big web design company, you are hiring the talent directly, most of the time this means paying one person for everything. When working with a big company you are paying to help cover the overhead for the office just for the people who work there to be able to walk through the door. The people who work there still have to be paid as well. When working with a freelance designer most of the time you are dealing with just one person or maybe two or three.  If one of my clients has a question, he/she asks and I answer the question directly. This produces faster results. When using a big company you ask your contact person then they have to ask or pass on the question to someone else in another department. Working with a freelance designer you create a more personal relationship between client and designer.

Why hire me?
Should you choose to hire me for freelance work, my promise to you is unwavering determination to do the job right. To build the site you want, not what I want to build for you. I can be reached quickly by clients and if not, I will return the call shortly. I am dedicated to my client´s wishes and ideas from day one to the day it´s done. I am here for you to make your website dreams come true.